OHS Management System

Occupational health and safety in Australia


Workplace health and safety in  Australia is overseen at both federal and state levels.  Research indicates that applying an occupational health and safety management system within the workplace delivers both financial rewards and human resource benefits to companies.  OHS management in the workplace ensures a safe work environment and is also require by Australian law and must to be applied as outlined by the Model Work Health and Safety Act


Occupational Safety Strategies provide robust, logical solutions to generate a safe work environment with an ohs management system that is easy to follow and  easy to implement.


Our occupational health and safety management systems integrate a suite of safety procedures, ohs checklists, ohs templates, health and safety plan plus a suite of ohs policies into one robust ohs management system


Get started today and save your company hundreds of hours in time and stress with our fully customised OH&S Management System. Add your company details and logo for a fully professional management system.    

WHS Manual (Enterprise)

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WHS Management System (Enterprise)

Our WHS manual (Enterprise) is ideal for business with 3-7 employees. This whs management system delivers the essential health and safety tools and resources to get your business on track to build whs compliance. 

Construction Safety Plan

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Construction Safety Plan

Your OHS construction site safety plan incorporates all the key templates, checklist, policies and procedures from our Enterprise WHS Management System, plus you get a site ohs management plan which guides you through the role out of initiating a ohs site management plan for your work site.

Engineering WHS

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Engineering (Metal) Work Health & Safety Package

Get started and secure either our WHS Management System (Enterprise) or (Pro) plus select any 20 Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) unique to your industy. Your suite of SWMS are fully editable to ensure you can make them unique to your work environment.

Joiners WHS Pack

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Cabinet Makers SWMS Package

As part of compliance with  work health and safety requirements employees should be signed off on safe use of plant and equipment in your  workplace, demonstrating they are competent in safe operation. As an employer this also reduces your exposure to legal remifications.

Plumbers WHS Pack

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Plumbers Work Health and Safety Package

WHS Manual (Pro)

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WHS Management System (Pro)


Ideal for companies with 7 or more employees, the Professional OHS Management System integrates several more key components to meet the needs of larger business.

Safe Work Method Statement

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

Essential in building ohs compliance, simply browse and select the safe work method statements (swms) that align to plant, equipment or task  in your workplace from our growing library.

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