Managing Organisational Risk

Risk Management 


Research indicates considerable advantages to enterprises that apply robust WHS risk management systems to their business operations. These benefits include financial improvements, increase employee retention and dramatic improvements in productivity. 


Barriers to business owners and managers implementing risk management systems usually rest in time restraints taking priority such as workplace administration, business finances, marketing, customer relations, HR to name a few. Many businesses also lack the champion to drive successful risk management systems within that enterprise.

For the enterprise that needs a champion to initiate and drive cultural change to meet WHS legislative requirements and AS/NZS 4801:2001 benchmarks, Occupational Safety Strategies 'Interim Risk Management Coordinator' delivers on all fronts.

If you have the champions but lack a suitably robust management system we can also help get your company compliant and ready to reap the benefits that a quality risk management systems deliver.   


Occupational Safety Strategies provide robust, logical solutions to generate a safe work environment with WHS risk management. Get started today, save your company hundreds of hours in time and stress and implement a self-initiated WHS risk management system or secure our out-sourced risk management coordinator service.     

WHS Coordinator

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Interim Risk Management Coordinator 

Secure a Risk Management Coordinator to initiate & drive your company's WHS Risk Management, while you focus on your business. Our Risk Management Coordinators work on an engagement basis to deliver a fully integrated risk management system aligned to AS/NZS 4801:2001. Get your business systemised, compliant & capable to secure corporate & government tenders. 

WHS Mentor

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Risk Management Mentor

If your organisation has secured a risk management system and is struggling to implement, our Risk Management Mentor this is for you. Working with key personnel in your organisation we deliver guidance through the initiation and implementation process of your management system.

Management Systems

WHS Management System


Ideal for companies with 7 or more employees, the Professional OHS Management System integrates several more key components to meet the needs of larger business.

Construction Site Plan

Picture for category Construction Site Plan

Construction Site Safety Management Plan

Your OHS construction site safety plan incorporates all the key templates, checklist, policies and procedures from our Enterprise WHS Management System, plus you get a site ohs management plan which guides you through the role out of initiating a ohs site management plan for your work site.

Safe Work Method Statement

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

Essential in building ohs compliance, simply browse and select the safe work method statements (swms) that align to plant, equipment or task  in your workplace from our growing library.

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