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Belt Sander Disk Safe Work Method Statement, Belt Sander SWMS

Belt Sander users are exposed to moving parts and electrical hazard. This creates the potential to cause harm from dust, entanglement, noise exposure, projectiles and sharp objects.
$78.95 excl tax

Biscuit Joiner Safe Work Method Statement_Biscuit Joiner SWMW

Biscuit Joiners are a specialised woodworking tools which use a circular saw blade to cut a crescent shaped hole in the opposite edges of two pieces of wood. Risks of use include general impact and cutting, dust, slips trips and falls, electrical.
$78.95 excl tax

Bobbin Sander Safe Work Method Statement

When operating a Bobbin Sander the user is exposed to moving parts and electrical hazards. There is risk of harm from entanglement, exposure to noise, dust, projectiles and sharp objects.
$78.95 excl tax

Chainsaw Safe Work Method Statement_Chainsaw SWMS

In forestry, chainsaws are used for felling and delimbing large and small trees in clearfell and production thinning operations. They are also used in thinning to waste, processing, and pruning PPE Safety Notes Planning Pre-operational Inspection Operation Completion Maintenance Emergency Procedures & First Aid
$78.95 excl tax

Circular Saw Safe Work Method Statement

Circular saws run cutting blades at high speed in circular motion and without proper use can cause serious injury.
$78.95 excl tax

CNC Router Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)

A CNC router is specific version of the CNS tool. It is a machine for cutting plastic, metal or wood and is managed by computer The CNS router works on three racks allowing for movement in the x, y, and z axes, utilising a suite of bits to create different effects in the material being worked.
$78.95 excl tax

Drop Saw Safe Work Method Statement, SWMS template Drop Saw

Drop Saws safe work method statement template provides the basic steps to build upon the safe use procedures in operation of a drop saw.
$78.95 excl tax

Electric Drill Safe Work Method Statement - Electric Drill SWMS

An electric drill uses a rotating drill bit to drill holes in materials.
$78.95 excl tax

Electric Welder Safe Work Method Statement (Electric Welder SWMS)

This electric welder SWMS template offers direction to safe work practices in the use of an electric welder.
$78.95 excl tax

Electrical Equipment Safe Work Method Statement

This Electrical Equipment Safe Work Method Statement covers key aspects and considerations in safe use of electrical equipment.
$78.95 excl tax

Forklift Safe Operating Procedure ( Forklift SOP)

Induct the operator to the safe work method statement to ensure safe operating procedures to the use of a forklift.
$78.95 excl tax

Horizontal Drill Dowling Machine

Exposed moving parts and electrical hazard with the potential to cause harm through entanglement, crushing, exposure to heat, noise, dust, projectiles and sharp objects.
$78.95 excl tax