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WHS Coordinator

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Picture of Engage Your Own Risk Management WHS Coordinator

Engage Your Own Risk Management WHS Coordinator

Reduce risk of workplace injury and litigation and Improve workplace productivity using our risk management coordinator in an engagement based capacity.


Occupational Safety Strategies -  Interim Risk Management Coordinator

While the benefits of risk management through change management strategies reduce risk, a company will also witness improvements in business productivity, increase in business value and improvement in employee retention.


"Substantial evidence indicates

employee training increases retention 

There is also a strong business case 

demonstrating that for each

1$ invested in WHS there is $3 saved" 


To ensure your success is our success we deliver a WHS risk management strategy using proven change management principles and integrate performance benchmarks to ensure what we implement becomes enshrined in your organisation's operations. 



"With a fixed term engagement and stringent performance

benchmarks your WHS Risk Management Coordinator

works in your business to implement Risk Management

aligned to AS/NZS 4801:200"

- Your 

Snapshot of 4 Step Process

Assess - Engage - Cultivate - Commission

1. Assess

  • Your Interim Risk Managment Cororindtor completes an assessment to risk management applications to establish benchmarks that we build upon. 

  • Areas of assessment including but not limited to management structures for championing risk management, adherence to safe systems of work, risk reviewing and reporting methodologies, depth to organisational policies and procedures, and assessment of organisational attitudes. 

  • A situational analysis is completed and report provided with the current status and future benchmarks to be achieved. 

2. Engage

  • The engagement process is central to your organisation's allegiance to Risk Management practices. 

  • Engagement at all levels of the business takes place applying change management practices. 

  • Elements of focus include but not limited to stakeholder engagement for devising and delivering systemised approaches to safe work practices, development, and adherence to organisational policies and procedures, risk management monitoring and reporting. meetings and  HR workplace engagement.

3. Cultivate

  • Cultivation ensures consistency and take-up of WHS risk management. 

  • To ensure cultural change remains, management systems are implemented to garner and deliver employee feedback, multi level stakeholder engagement strategies applied through meetings and reporting methodologies and applying cultural change and repetition to risk management practices via application of awareness and communications strategies.  


4. Commission   

  • During our engagement, from assessment to final commissioning our performance is measured to benchmarks to ensure the delivery of a robust,  safe work culture to your organisation, where WHS risk best practices are applied and adopted.  

  • To measure our success through final delivery we again engage research methodologies to measure outcomes to existing benchmarks and employee attitudes to ensure measurable results and value have been achieved.