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Construction Site Plan

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Picture of Construction Safety Plan

Construction Safety Plan

Customised with company details and logo. Supplied in editable Word documents on CD Rom Master. Printed manual print masters also available.


Construction Safety Plan


If your site construction costs exceed $250,000 you will require a construction site ohs management plan. Implementation and tracking construction site safety has never been easier to deliver with Occupational Safety Strategies OHS Construction Site Management Plan.


Your Construction Site OHS Safety Plan guides you through key components and considerations when creating and initiating your work health and safety site requirements. With step by step processes, tick box guides and referencing you will have a professionally devised ohs site management plan ready to go for each project you deliver.


Your construction safety plan includes


1    Project Details    
1.1    Management and review    
1.2    Principal Contractor Details    
1.3    Representatives Responsible for Onsite WHS - Details    
1.4    Other Key Contacts    
1.5    Project Scope
2    Roles and Responsibilities    
2.1    Principal contractor    
2.2    Contractors    
2.3    Workers    
2.4    List of Representatives with Specific  WHS Responsibilities
3    General WHS information    
3.1    Codes of Practice Referencing    
3.2    Legislation Referencing    
3.3    Other Standards and Guidance (include any relevant standards)    
3.4    WHS Policy    
3.5    Other policies    

4    Risk management    
4.1    Identifying hazards and managing risks    
4.2    Risk Management Policy    
4.3    Hierarchy of control
5    High-risk construction work    
5.1    High-risk construction work    
5.2    Licences for high-risk work    
5.3    Asbestos    

6    Emergency and incident response    
6.1    Emergency preparedness    
        Emergency procedure    
        Emergency meeting point    
        Emergency contact list for the site    
6.2    Incident procedure    
6.3    Notifiable incidents    
6.4    First aid
7    Induction and training    
7.1    Worker induction    
7.2    Worker training    

8    Consultation and communication    
8.1    Consultation    
8.2    Communication    
8.3    Disciplinary procedures    

9    Site safety procedures    
9.1    Site rules    
9.2    Site amenities    
9.3    Site Security    
9.4    Site signage    
9.5    Personal protective equipment    
9.6    Managing construction hazards specified in the Regulations    
        Falls from heights    
        Falling objects    
        Demolition work    
        Excavation work/trenching    
        Work near overhead or underground essential services    
9.7    Managing other construction hazards    
        Ladder Safety    
        Manual handling    
        Slips, trips and falls    
        Hand operated and power tool use    
        Sun safety    
        Any other construction hazards    

10    Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)    

Picture of Builders WHS Management System
Builders WHS Management System
Customised with company details and logo. Supplied in editable Word documents on CD Rom Master. Printed manual print masters also available.
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Picture of Manual Print Masters
Manual Print Masters
Incorporate a set of print masters to reference your WHS Management System files. We integrate your company name and logo, print bind and supply, encased in a safety manual
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