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WHS Manual (Pro)

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Picture of WHS Management System  (Professional)

WHS Management System (Professional)

Health and safety management in the workplace is made easy with our WHS Manual (Pro). Aligned to the framework of Australian Standard AS/NZS 4801:2001 this safety management system provides all the ohs checklists, ohs templates, ohs polices and procedures plus a health and safety plan to enable your business to create a safe work culture.


Health and Safety At Work - What's included in your OHS Management System (Professional)


  • WH&S Management System & Recording System - Incorporates easy to deliver occupational health and safety checklist and tick box ohs templates for a seamless deliver to key facets of an occupational health and safety plan.


  • WH&S Policies & Procedures - Includes a full suite of ohs policies and procedures to nurture employee behaviour and nurture a safe work culture.


  • WHS Management Plan - Your company WHS Management Plan has easy to follow flow charts and actioning templates, making safety management a breeze to deliver. The occupational health and safety plan guides your company through the process of implementing a professional workplace health and safety strategy with schedules, timelines, human resource responsibilities, policy commitments, training and supervising. This is simply a superb template tool that walks you through the process to OH&S compliance.


  • WH&S Human Resource Manual - Your  WH&S human resources (HR) manual is another great tool for businesses with multiple employees, and delivers a systemised approach to employee OH&S inductions and management.


Picture of Supplied On CD Rom Master
Supplied On CD Rom Master
OH&S Management System (Pro)files supplied on CD Rom Master in both editable Word Docs and PDF Print Masters. Can also be supplied in customised, bound printed manuals.
$1,785.00 excl tax
Picture of WHS Managment System (Pro) Print Masters
WHS Managment System (Pro) Print Masters
WHS Management System (Pro) Print Masters are customised with your company name and logo, printed, bound and supplied in an admin ring binder for a professional look.
$120.00 excl tax
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