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Picture of CNC Router Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)

CNC Router Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)

A CNC router is specific version of the CNS tool. It is a machine for cutting plastic, metal or wood and is managed by computer The CNS router works on three racks allowing for movement in the x, y, and z axes, utilising a suite of bits to create different effects in the material being worked.


CNC Router Safe Work Metbod Statement ( SWMS)


Risk of injury can include entanglement, impacts and cutting, electical and slips, trips and falls.


The CNS Router swms covers off on key aspects of safe operation including pre-checks, considerations when operating the CNS Router and post operation. Your router SWMS comes with risk assessment form and SWMS processes to consider when using the CNC router.

Picture of CNC Router
CNC Router
SWMS comes with risk assessment template and safe work method statement template, customisable for work environment
$78.95 excl tax