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Safe Work Method Statement - Structure

What Is A Safe Work Method Statement  (SWMS)


Also known as SWMS or work method statement, the purpose of a safe work method statement is to clearly outline the steps in using, equipment or the processes in an activity that outlines in a logical sequence the processes in delivery, which also takes into consideration, identifying hazards in the process of delivery.


Any activity can be broken down into a series of logical steps, providing a systematic approach, while in the process identifying hazards and potential incidents.   


The objective of  Safe Work Method Statements

  • provides a description of the task or activity that is to be undertaken.  
  • outline the people, resources, and skills aligned to the task
  • consideration of what control measures are to be used to manage each identified risk
  • demonstrate a systemised plan to deliver the required activity to complete the task


SWMS should be written in plain English with concise steps or processes to those who are conducting the task and implementing the control measures can follow the process in accordance with the SWMS.

Content of a SWMS


  • the person conducting the business or undertaking, the  business ABN and address
  • a person who is responsible for monitoring and compliance of the SWMS
  • on construction sites
    • principal contractors name
    • address of the site where work is being carried out
    • date of preparation of SWMS
    • review date
    • SWMS can also incorporate the names of the workers who have been consulted in the process of creating the safe work method statement.
    • the SWMS must demonstrate what control measures are put in place to manage risk at recognised steps where the risk of injury may occur. The control measures must be clearly specified.
    • workers and their safety representative must be consulted in the process of creating the SWMS and during the review. 

Seeking a safe work method statement template to create your own? Occupational Safety Strategies provide a number of free templates from our template page. Take the link to get your free safe work method statement template and get started to create your own.